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This rescue group was formed by a group of dedicated enthusiasts to save as many discarded hunting dogs from Gran Canaria as possible, in particular those in Albergue Banderos, the municipal pound, where there is a 70% sacrifice rate for all dogs taken there and many more killed by dog fights in unsupervised corals.

Podencos are Spanish hunting dogs:

Once they have finished their working life, they are usually discarded by their hunter owners, and many are turned loose to starve to death, or get run over. Some are rounded up or handed in to the municipal kill station on Gran Canaria, known as Banderos.

Podencos are discarded for other reasons also, such as when they are sick, or not effective as a hunting dog, lacking prey drive, or simply because a hunter has too many. Bitches are bred many times to provide a huge surplus of pups in the search for the best hunting dogs.

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